requirements analysis & project planning

Needs Assessment

We identify, clarify, and document your goals and the needs of your clients as part of an initial needs assessment, which is fundamental to the process of designing effective solutions.

Information Design

We develop a carefully structured design for information delivery, which is essential to match the needs of your customers with your business goals.

Technical Planning

We carefully create an initial development plan, preventing waste, inefficiency, confusion, and a resulting loss of value to your organization. Mainstream IT’s scalable approach to technical planning accommodates future growth.

software development

Custom Applications

We build custom-configured software and hardware solutions that are explicitly designed to fit your needs, so that you have better control over your data on the web, the desktop, or mobile platforms.

Systems Integration

We suggest and implement the integration of databases and applications within your technology environment, so that you can gain more value from existing systems.
user testing


We facilitate testing of early designs of your web site or application with targeted users to ensure usability, and to make sure your online message connects with your intended audience.

Usability Review

We conduct reviews of your site to ensure its usability, ensuring that your information is clear and accessible to your current and potential customers.

Accessibility Review

We can conduct an accessibility review to ensure that people with disabilities will be able to use your site, especially important where ADA compliance is required.

network design & management

Network Design & Installation

We optimize your existing internal network, or design and implement a flexible, fast, reliable network from the ground up.

Network Administration & Support

We support an efficient and effective computing environment with solutions such as virtual private networks, off-site backups, central file sharing, and security reviews.

Website Managed Hosting

We host your e-mail and web presence on our powerful, expertly maintained servers. We support custom applications, databases, and other server-side technologies.